I Hope Barack Obama

I hope Barack Obama is listening to his favorite song and finally realizes what one of the words is and now he can sing it when he goes clubbing!

I hope Barack Obama doesn’t wanna be like Cinderella, sittin’ in a dark, cold, rusty cellar.

I hope Barack Obama gives love a good name. 

i hope Barack Obama’s boyfriend never lets him go, and takes him out to places he ain’t never been before

I hope Barack Obama’s hippo is never hungry.

I hope Barack Obama’s alarm clock is “Don’t Stop Believin’”.

I hope Barack Obama goes swimming for a long time without his fingers getting all wrinkly.

I hope Barack Obama gets told that the way he flips his hair makes someone overwhelmed.

I hope Barack Obama is tryna cause no drama

I hope that Barack Obama stops the van and that the remote control was in his hand.

I hope Barack Obama reminds you of the babe.

I hope Barack Obama has got the love.

I hope Barack Obama gets to go to a Justin Bieber concert this year and knows all of the lyrics to his songs and can go backstage and get his autograph.

I hope Barack Obama doesn’t throw any wishes in any motherfucking wells, whatever that means.

I hope Barack Obama gets to try a sandwich, no ordinary sandwich, a sandwich filled with jellyfish jelly. And he finds out it’s the best sandwich in the sea.