I Hope Barack Obama

I hope Barack Obama gets to listen to a really poorly prepared concession speech.

I hope Barack Obama wakes up in a hurry, only to realise that it’s 3 hours before he needs to be up, so he can sleep for a while longer. 

I hope that test Barack Obama was really stressing over turns out to be all multiple choice.

I hope Barack Obama’s least favourite class gets cancelled.

I hope Barack Obama registers for classes during advising week and gets into all of the classes he needs.

I hope Barack Obama’s teacher says she’ll pick the groups but he ends up with his best friend any way.

I hope Barack Obama runs into an old friend from high school, says hello and gets to share a nice piece of cheesecake and a glass of milk with them. 

I hope Barack Obama’s hippo is never hungry.

I hope Barack Obama manages to finish his homework in class right before the teacher comes around to check it.

I hope Barack Obama goes swimming for a long time without his fingers getting all wrinkly.

I hope Barack Obama gets a surprise visit from Charles Xavier telling him that he’d like him to attend Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters so he can learn how to control his mutant abilities.

I hope that, in a middle school full of bullies, insane teachers and gross school lunches, Barack Obama, and his two best friends try to do the impossible, help create a guide to help you survive school, and it helps you survive middle school.

I hope Barack Obama takes the IB and keeps his social life and sleeps well everyday and gets a 42

I hope Barack Obama’s calculator doesn’t die in the middle of taking the ACT.