I Hope Barack Obama

I hope Barack Obama is listening to his favorite song and finally realizes what one of the words is and now he can sing it when he goes clubbing!

I hope Barack Obama gets to listen to a really poorly prepared concession speech.

I hope Barack Obama is worried his pizza will eat into his budget only to find out that he has enough reward points from his favorite pizza place to buy two free pizzas.

I hope Barack Obama doesn’t have to wait in any lines at Comic Con.

I hope Barack Obama’s ink pens always write on the first try.

I hope Barack Obama’s fanfics always get hundreds of glowing reviews.

I hope Barack Obama can see the taste in cinnamon toast crunch.

I hope Barack Obama wakes up in a hurry, only to realise that it’s 3 hours before he needs to be up, so he can sleep for a while longer. 

I hope Barack Obama wins the election, otherwise I think all of Tumblr will blow up in protest…

I hope Barack Obama wins the election.

I hope Barack Obama forgets about the cup of tea he just made, any when he finds it, it’s still warm. 

I hope that Barack Obama is watching the clock at 23.59, looks away for a moment and looks back in time to see the change to 00.00

I hope Barack Obama smells something really good coming from the kitchen, and when he goes to investigate he finds that it’s his favorite brownies, warm out of the oven, and nobody will stop him from tasting.

I hope Barack Obama’s least favourite class gets cancelled.

I hope Barack Obama always understands what’s being spoken in movies or on TV, even if it’s in another language.