I Hope Barack Obama

I hope Barack Obama is listening to his favorite song and finally realizes what one of the words is and now he can sing it when he goes clubbing!

I hope Barack Obama’s favorite Downton Abbey characters won’t die.

I hope Barack Obama goes to the bus stop without the correct change but then finds some money on the floor

I hope Barack Obama gets to listen to a really poorly prepared concession speech.

I hope Barack Obama orders clothes online and is pleasantly surprised when they come in the mail the next day.

I hope Obama reads all of my Tweets one day and feels proud to be mentioned almost as many times as Dawson’s Creek.

I hope Barack Obama comes up with a really awesome and funny callback at a Rocky Horror Picture Show screening, and times it perfectly when he yells it. 

I hope Barack Obama is worried his pizza will eat into his budget only to find out that he has enough reward points from his favorite pizza place to buy two free pizzas.

I hope Barack Obama’s boyfriend doesn’t cheat on him with a lighthouse.

I hope Barack Obama gets money in all of his birthday cards

I hope whenever Barack Obama feels like he’s unloved, he chuckles and says “I’m the motherfuckin President.”

I hope that when Barak Obama plays Mario Kart whenever he fires a green shell it never comes bouncing back and hits him

I hope Barack Obama is deemed best pony.

I hope Barack Obama doesn’t have to wait in any lines at Comic Con.

I hope Barack Obama’s ink pens always write on the first try.