I Hope Barack Obama

I hope Barack Obama goes to the bus stop without the correct change but then finds some money on the floor

I hope Barack Obama gets money in all of his birthday cards

I hope Barack Obama realizes that his 30% coupon to Kohl’s expires tomorrow and is sad until he remembers that it’s 2012 and he can just use it online instead.

I hope Barack Obama runs into an old friend from high school, says hello and gets to share a nice piece of cheesecake and a glass of milk with them. 

I hope Barack Obama parks at a meter, remembers that he doesn’t have change but sees that the meter still has plenty of time on it.

I hope Barak Obama gets a lot of money for his high schol graduation.

I hope Barack Obama goes to a party thinking he’s not gonna have any fun, but ends up having fun.

I hope Obama has the last spot available in the closest parking lot with parking meters and it’s his parking meter that still has 30 minutes left upon arrival. 

I hope Barack Obama gets one of the first copies of Pokémon Black2 and White2 in English, and gets one of them for free, just for buying both.

I hope Barack Obama goes to Taco Bell and they accidentally give him an extra taco.