I Hope Barack Obama

I hope Barack Obama gets to listen to a really poorly prepared concession speech.

I hope Barack Obama finds me on his disposition matrix.

I hope Barack Obama wins the election, otherwise I think all of Tumblr will blow up in protest…

I hope Barack Obama’s favorite comedy television show is filming right in front of his house.

I hope Barack Obama doesn’t need to check his cis privilege.

I hope Barack Obama goes swimming for a long time without his fingers getting all wrinkly.

I hope Barack Obama never reads 50 Shades of Grey as a respect for women and real literature everywhere.

I hope Barack Obama enjoyed his visit to Upstate NY yesterday, even though he left sunny DC for a rain storm that rivaled the one that prompted Noah to get on his ark with all his animal friends.

I hope Barack Obama never comes across Kyle Massey’s twitter page.

I hope Barack Obama had some trees knocked down in the storm, but it’s okay because they needed to be cut down anyway, and now insurance will pay for it.

I hope President Barack Obama “sleeps real well” tonight at the White House.

I hope Barack Obama gives a really powerful speech and a tiny earthquake happens and it’s like the earth quivered at the awesomeness of it.

I hope Barack Obama survives the zombie apocalypse.

I hope Barrack Obama goes to Florida and doesn’t get his face eaten off by a cannibal.

I hope Barack Obama gets a high five from and member of the LGBT community that he ever meets, ever, just because he supports gay marriage.