I Hope Barack Obama

I hope Barack Obama accidentally puts his favorite chapstick through the wash, but when he takes it out he can’t even tell.

I hope Barack Obama wakes up in a hurry, only to realise that it’s 3 hours before he needs to be up, so he can sleep for a while longer. 

I hope Barack Obama’s least favourite class gets cancelled.

I hope Barack Obama registers for classes during advising week and gets into all of the classes he needs.

I hope Obama never forgets to turn the burner off on the stove.

I hope Barack Obama goes swimming for a long time without his fingers getting all wrinkly.

I hope Barack Obama goes to open the bag of M&M’s that he just bought, and he finds that they are all brown, so he freaks out and calls to complain and it turns out that he actually won the contest.

I hope Barack Obama’s essay questions are always on the topic he just studied.

I hope Barack Obama gets just under the minimum GPA required to renew his scholarship, but his school decides to round it up and he doesn’t have to file an appeal.

I hope Barack Obama wakes up an hour late for class, but then remembers it’s summer vacation, and he can rest easy.

I hope Barack Obama takes the IB and keeps his social life and sleeps well everyday and gets a 42

I hope Barack Obama’s calculator doesn’t die in the middle of taking the ACT.

I hope Barack Obama goes to a party thinking he’s not gonna have any fun, but ends up having fun.

I hope Barack Obama takes an AP Test and thinks he did horribly on it; only to find out in July that he made a 5.

I hope Barack Obama graduates college debt free and then gets an education tax credit to spend on whatever he wants