I Hope Barack Obama

I hope Barack Obama never leaves his doggy bag on the table at his favorite restaurant. 

I hope that Barack Obama watches the Hunger Games and doesn’t get a heart attack and spray popcorn everywhere when the muttations leap out of the forest. 

I hope Barack Obama goes swimming for a long time without his fingers getting all wrinkly.

I hope Barack Obama gets VIP Crystal Skull tickets for Apocalyptor and doesn’t have to fight for them like its the 76th annual Hunger Games.

I hope Barack Obama gets to see Finnick in his underwear.

I hope Barack Obama’s older sister comforts him by saying that he won’t be reaped for the Hunger Games because his name’s only in there once and she’s actually right this time.

I hope Barack Obama goes to see the Hunger Games movie before the books because he hasn’t had time to read them yet and his friends are nice enough not to spoil it for him

I hope when Obama sings, all the mockingjays go silent and then repeat his song back to him.